Live http video streaming with the Rasberry Pi

Yesterday I setup my Rasberry Pi for live http video streaming. First of all I installed an apache webserver and created the streaming directory with adjusted user rights. Maybe later I pick some leaner http server like Lighthttpd to save CPU and memory if needed.

After installing the webserver I piped the output from raspivid to vlc:

raspivid -o -  -w 920 -h 540 -t 9999999 |  vlc -v -I "dummy" stream:///dev/stdin  :sout="#std{access=livehttp{seglen=10,delsegs=true,numsegs=5, index=/var/www/streaming/stream.m3u8, index-url=http://<IPofRaspberryPi>/streaming/stream-########.ts}, mux=ts{use-key-frames}, dst=/var/www/streaming/stream-########.ts}" :demux=h264

After all It works quite well and I can watch the camera stream with my iPad. Biggest con for this approach is the 20 seconds latency which is very unpractical for remote controlling my Roomba.

My next approach on this Problem is to change the streaming technique. Maybe I switch to rtp or rtsp and a Java/JavaScript client for the browser. But for that I definitely need more googling.



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